Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are my old photos deteriorating in quality?
  • As time passes photographic paper is broken down by light, pollutants and humidity. It is a continuing process so it's best to do something about it before important detail is irretrievable.
  • Can any damaged photo be restored?
  • Most damaged photos can be restored. However, extremely damaged photos which have lost important detail such as facial features may be beyond restoration. I would need to view the photo to give an opinion.
  • How long does a new photo last?
  • A new professional photographic print, according to the paper manufacturers will last 100 years.
  • Can photos which are mounted in an album or stuck to glass be restored?
  • Original photos can be scanned and restored without removing them from an album or when they are fused to glass.
  • Do I get my original photo back?
  • Your original photo is untouched and will be safely returned to you. Your original is scanned, digitally restored and then printed to your required size on quality photographic paper.
    The digital file is burnt to disc and supplied to you, enabling you to have further prints at a later time.
  • How large can I print my photo?
  • We can enlarge or reduce to any size. However the quality of very big enlargements will depend on the quality of the original.
  • What size do I scan my original photo if I am emailing it to you?
  • You will need to adjust the dpi setting on your scanner according to your required print size. This may give you a guide eg:
    4x6" original printing 4x6" - 300dpi
    2x3" original printing 4x6" - 600dpi
    • Scan in jpg format.
    • Keep in mind that the file can't be too large for your email.
    • Ensure that you scan only the image and not the surrounding area on your scanner glass.
    • Scan in colour even if your original is black and white.
    • Save the image on your computer where you can find it.