Don't let those important family images fade into time. Keep those memories for yourself and for future generations. I can bring new life into your images, digitally repairing your old and damaged photos, negatives and slides.

Photo restoration in Auckland, NZ - Photo Revival - Old, damaged, discoloured photo repaired

Photo Restoration

  • Repairing torn photos
  • Repairing scratched photos
  • Repairing creased photos
  • Repairing defaced photos
  • Restoring discoloured photos
  • Restoring faded photos
  • Repairing silvered photos

Photo Editing

  • Removing or adding people or objects in photos
  • Changing backgrounds of photos
  • Retouching photos
  • Adding colour to photos

Scanning &
Photographic Copying

  • High quality colour adjusted scans of photos, slides or negatives.
  • Scans can be saved as slide shows for use at special occasions or montaged for canvas or poster.


  • Printing is on archival paper and can be printed to the original size or reduced or enlarged. Large format high quality inkjet printing for canvas or posters is also available.